1977 Renaissance Pleasure Faire • Part 1 of 2

Here it is! Unearthed from the pits of the archives. Not only my first Renaissance Faire film but also my very first experience with the phenomenon of a Renaissance Faire itself. I was part of a four man crew of young film students who shot this documentary at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Agoura, California in 1977. It features the (yet to be famous) Flying Karamazov Brothers juggling troupe. Shot on 16mm film and edited on an upright Moviola (save your trims!). 30+ years later, I’m making Renaissance Faire films again. Huzzah!

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3 Responses to “1977 Renaissance Pleasure Faire • Part 1 of 2”

  1. 1JeffWick Says:

    Thank you for digging this up from the archive pits. What? else is down there? How did you convert from 16mm to digital?

    Starr grew up near Pasadena and she attended that 1977 fair. She particularly remembers the rooftop cookie saleman and the couple flogging each other with .. flogging bags? She also met another young lady there who was named Starr. Only time that’s happened.

  2. ngieleghem Says:

    Love that you found this. I’m the male noble with the three lovely woman at the beginning of the clip (after the parade).? Thanks for posting this.

  3. thethreeedwards Says:

    Men? in tights…. Sexy!!! XD

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