2008 Northern California Ren Faire – Mini Doc “Ren Geeks” trailer on Project: Placebo

Swashbuckling Heroes, merry Minstrels, dazzling Daredevils, Dancers, Jugglers, and hundreds of Colorful Characters and non-stop entertainment throughout the day. Project: Placebo’s Executive Producer Tresha Ross and Editor – Host, Greg “Flaco Raton” Ramar have been long time Ren Faire goers….from the early days in Novato California – exploring all types of Faires over the years (ie Pirate Festivals, Pleasure Faires, Dickens Faires etc.) – they have enjoyed the shows, vendors, characters – and most of all…the great PEOPLE who attend! This video contains clips of what will be a Documentary on Ren Faires entitled: “Ren Geeks – The Un-Dork Story”. This was a true labour of Love. Enjoy and comment below – let us know what you think! ~ Placebo.

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10 Responses to “2008 Northern California Ren Faire – Mini Doc “Ren Geeks” trailer on Project: Placebo”

  1. Nightwishismysoul Says:

    This is amazing! i love it i love that you guys documented it! Yes you will see me again this year!

  2. Aerafento Says:

    This is awesome, love it! ^_^

  3. AnimeatHeart Says:

    I love Ren Fest!! I’ve gone to one in Ohio for the past three years, and this year I may get the opprotunity to go to one in Michigan. It is always one of the highlights of my year:)

  4. fairefacesbyRosemary Says:

    What a terrific video of the Faire…I am unable to go this year, so thank you for my SIr Francis Drake fix….and to get to see his lovely wife Robin “Alnisa” Fleming-Wood belly dance…Wow! What a treat…thanks so much…it is awesome! and on my favorites list! :)

  5. badkarmacoors Says:

    hey great video, wish i seen you shooting on that saturday. guess by the time we ran into each other you were done that day. hope to see you this year. going on oct 10th for beerfest. wearing my chain mail and leather horned helm. cu there. :]

  6. ProjectPlacebo Says:

    ….who is this? Not sure….

  7. jish55 Says:

    I used to go to the one is Southern California with my family, and it was so much fun. Let’s see, one year, my aunts ex said something bad, so she pulled a knife that she had hidden away, and stuck it to his throat (the knife was real) and another year, two chicks walked up to my older brother and asked if they could make out with him… I miss going to them so much.

  8. scotsladye Says:

    First time I’ve ever watched a video on YouTube and saw myself. I work this faire so that really shouldn’t have surprised. I remember when these folks were filming this during the last weekend. Nice to finally see the finished product.

  9. eyemakeupfrenzy Says:

    I am a en greek hear me rawr!!

  10. eyemakeupfrenzy Says:

    I am an Ren Geek hear me rawr!!!

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