Cantiga ny ren faire Kemp’s Jig

Martha Gay, Mark Caudill & Charry Garcia. Cantiga is part of the New World Renaissance Band performing Kemp’s Gig.

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7 Responses to “Cantiga ny ren faire Kemp’s Jig”

  1. rohssa Says:

    Espectacular… interpretacion es buenisima.

  2. shadowfax5555 Says:

    Thanks for the rating, glad? you think so highly of Cantiga

  3. SDG1750 Says:

    how fun!!! I love this? piece. beautiful job!

  4. jballs71 Says:

    that was just? magical

  5. soccerfinatic234 Says:

    Great! ? But, a Jig? Four time…

  6. Maricielo9000 Says:

    es? muy magica,te eleva….muy buena..!! ……

  7. funboy7979 Says:


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