Colorful Waves at NC Renn Faire 2009

Colorful Waves Bellydance Troupe performing at the North Carolina Renaissance Faire in Wake Forest along with musicians: Ken Ashley, Andrew Shakinovsky, Simon Spaulding

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6 Responses to “Colorful Waves at NC Renn Faire 2009”

  1. practice808 Says:

    Wow! That was amazing belly dancing! And what a variety of dances, music, and rhythms!
    Very professional!

  2. junebugke Says:

    Hell yea ladies! Kathleen: you look awesome! BTW: it’s me kathypoo

  3. Temirah1 Says:

    Awesome video!
    The sun is out, so it wasn’t the day I was there! : )

  4. Zergeh Says:

    great job!!!

  5. lpcfpc2 Says:

    love you as always!……mara

  6. RaisaIbex Says:

    Beautiful! (Out of curiosity, what is the title and artist of the song at 4:37 ?)

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