Fun @ Casa de Fruita Ren Faire

Last Moonie & Broon show of the day, which by the way is AWESOME. They’re doin there thing & then some real fun starts…hope u enjoy

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25 Responses to “Fun @ Casa de Fruita Ren Faire”

  1. TangerineVampire Says:

    haha I love it. Fa la… la? la la la.

  2. TessaCoh Says:

    That was? hilarious!

  3. TessaCoh Says:

    Ha le la la Ha le? la la

  4. Luminasita Says:

    Hilarious as always, they’re a major highlight of Bristol for us all. Hail RENNOVISION!


  5. UnfoldingWings Says:

    YES we got inside? Broon’s pants lol!

  6. Junebloom7 Says:

    I wonder how? old they are??

  7. nightbeauty02 Says:

    how did you do that?! was this staged?! c’mon, really? was it staged or are you just? that freggin’ lucky! <3!

  8. TBearErod Says:

    I sat in on a few shows and then when I went to record, I made sure I was in the isle. And let the magic happen 😉 That was ALOT of fun. I also caught? there show when they came to Walnut Creek earlier this year. I LUV em. Thanks for check’n it out :)

  9. nightbeauty02 Says:

    hahaha!!! so, i have to ask you: are you rich? <3!?

  10. TBearErod Says:

    I wouldn’t? say that i’m rich…ummm i’m comfortable or financially stable. Why do you ask?

  11. nightbeauty02 Says:

    ’cause, in your? video after they handed back your camera, you shouted “i’m gonna be rich!” <3!

  12. TBearErod Says:

    LOL…It was an inside joke? cause they mentined that the video was gonna be on the net and I said “hell yes”..goin on youtube
    as soon as I got on a PC.

  13. nightbeauty02 Says:

    oh, haha!? i love broon and moonie, they’re hilarious. <3!

  14. iamthematador Says:

    “i’m gonna be rich”? priceless, dude!

  15. magictacomangapirate Says:

    Whoa. I was not expecting to? go inside Broon’s pants. Can’t say that it wasn’t funneh!

  16. shiariryu Says:

    These guys are always the highlight of the ren faire for me. You never know exactly what’s? going to happen. XD

  17. iamthematador Says:

    aw, i? saw little broon!


    These guys are? freakin hilarious!

  19. gijoedaisy Says:

    They got ya? good!

  20. Aggrosj Says:

    I just saw these guys last Saturday? and they were great.

  21. ZeroZader Says:

    lol “I want that on Youtube by Nine thirty? tonight!”

  22. rudelola101 Says:

    lmfao i love? them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. CortneyMinusYou Says:

    xD I make sure to see them every year at? the Ren Faire.
    Actually, at the one in Casa de Fruta. xD

  24. mrsthefreak Says:

    oh my gosh. they never change >.< i've seen them two years in a row at the casa de fruita ren fair and they never cease to make me laugh! i? wish i went to that one! one year late. darn.

  25. poetgirl123 Says:

    i? know them

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