How to make a Cloak

this is a bit long but just hang through. it is VERY easy to make an can be done in less than an hour. so watch the video and if you don’t understand anything leave a comment.

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25 Responses to “How to make a Cloak”

  1. kibbles2140 Says:

    8 peaple? want a cloak but their too lazy to make it.
    thx for the halp : )

  2. RentLarp4Lov3 Says:

    Oh Wow! this is cool(: By the way… You’re freaking cute(: I like your little dance at? the end(;

  3. OOOOOross Says:

    the video isn’t detailed enough i think you can do one better, i get the just of things but it would be good if the viewer could actually see what your talking about instead of seeing you talk about it, dont get me wrong dude it is the best example i have come? accross but not much to compare it to :- / the most important thing i think you need to explain on is how the hood actually fits the cloak, the depth of the neckline….peace.

  4. OOOOOross Says:

    P.S: whats the? extra inch for on the neckline for?

  5. trendy76 Says:

    @OOOOOross what are you talking about???How many dudes do you know that would actually even take the time out to try and sew much less make a help video? about it??Good job SIr well done!

  6. flamestriker1000 Says:

    re you the? son of jack black?

  7. hairxtastic Says:


  8. angelinalicia Says:


  9. nickhexum311stylee Says:

    why dont you just buy a? RAINCOAT!!!

  10. thekeeperob Says:

    Wicked video, thank you v much!?
    Haha kickass gangalf stick

  11. Someguy1103 Says:

    I think it’s possible to make the hood without actually having the hood seperate from the cape part. I’ve never done it before though. I’m wondering about this in case I’m ever in a situation in which I need to make a heavy, thick cloak for the cold weather.

    Like if America goes to? hell or something.

  12. andrasoutrage Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! My boyfriend and I are going to our first larp soon and I wanted to make him a cloak for Christmas so he can wear? it at the larp.

    And it just so happens that I want one as well! YAY!

  13. DJHeroMist Says:

    im doing a test cloak, for an 8 year old… she is 50 inches tall… can you help me make a FMA? RED Alchemy cloak? i see now how to do it, you know how eds is right? yeah i want to make that and an Akatsuki cloak

  14. youdontknowme325 Says:

    do you know? who the akatski are?

  15. ts2101 Says:

    @youdontknowme325 aint akatsUki from? naruto

  16. DontPutSpiceonRice Says:

    This is extremely useful. I’m creating? a few outfits using under cloaks, which will be pull-over cloaks with sleeves, underneath armor, etx. Thanks very much!

  17. pearlshipperforever1 Says:

    Will a different design of the hood make any difference to the cloak?
    (I have? a different design in mind than yours.)

  18. robbieatvic Says:

    Nice work mate, nice and simple and looks great. Im going to make a black one? so that i look like Lord Vada! thanks for your help

  19. kinglypack Says:

    Cheers man, good to see larpers on you tube, gave me some? good ideas

  20. Justin559Smith Says:

    you are all fucking? weird 0.0

  21. HowlingFullBlood Says:

    @Justin559Smith May I ask you? why?

  22. Hibykid Says:

    is there away so? there not as big a point, i dont want people thinking im the KKK

  23. thebrightages Says:

    Thanks!? I just made my first cloak! 😀

  24. OffLastSacrifice Says:

    nice shirt. i used to skate but i took an arrow to the? knee

  25. canvasch Says:

    jesus the bass in? the video is bananas like annoying not delicoussssss

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