How to make a medieval armor costume?

My Friends and I want to go to the next renaissance faire as armored warriors. Were looking for a way to make some really authentic armor but we came up dry with our web searches. Any help would be appreciated. We are looking for chest and back plates, Gauntlets, and leg armor, and possibly helmets. Help is greatly appreciated.

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One Response to “How to make a medieval armor costume?”

  1. Moon Maiden Says:

    This site is a bit extensive, I got lost in it the first few times I looked at it and I was only looking at the herb pages…so I went straight to the page I think will help you most rather than giving you the homepage and letting you flounder through on your own. Hope this gives you some ideas. I don’t know how to make authentic armor without hiring a blacksmith or armorer. But I’ve always wanted to go to a faire myself, though I’m sure my gown was easier to make than your armor will be. Check it out…

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