Is there a Renaissance Faire in Crossville?

I have this friend that lives in Crossville Tennessee and she’s never been to a Rin faire before but wants to go. I think it’ll be a lot of fun to take her… but I can’t find anything on google! *GASPS!* SOoo… anyone know if there’s a Renaissance faire in or around the Crossville area?

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One Response to “Is there a Renaissance Faire in Crossville?”

  1. Nashvegas Says:

    You’ve asked your question in the Houston, TX local business section. I doubt anyone here can answer your question about TN. For more results, I would repost this question in Other – US Local Businesses section.;_ylt=Ak8QTxhsF8bLxb3QMzaV13RqDH1G;_ylv=3?sid=396546171

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