Looking for a full tang, European style sword, but on a budget?

I recently joined a Renaissance Faire as part of the -more or less- theatrical staff. I’ve got armor I plan to wear, however, my small collection of swords does not include anything full tang. I am finding it impossible to find any European style 14-16th century blades for less than 0. Any suggestions or links would be very helpful to make my performance better

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2 Responses to “Looking for a full tang, European style sword, but on a budget?”

  1. Elise K Says:

    To be honest, I don’t think you’re going to find anything decent for less than $150. In fact, I would consider $150 to be a *starting* price for a decent sword or Renaissance-style rapier. You can sometimes find post-medieval, post-Renaissance swords, like calvary sabres for less than that, but that’s not what you are looking for. I’d recommend borrow an appropriate sword in the interim and save up for a proper sword of your own.

    That said, I believe Medieval Collectibles is having a sale on some of their swords right now, so you might take a look:


  2. Torqueaboutbikes Says:

    The Hanwei/Paul Chen Practical range is pretty good. Not 100% but has a proper tang without a screwed on pommel and are hard to hurt. They have a medieval style sword but some of their blade shapes are a bit shit

    I don’t know if they’re below 150 but not too much more

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