Louisiana Renaissance Festival – 2010

The Louisiana Renaissance Festival is underway now and is open weekends from Nov. 6th to Dec. 12 and Friday November 26th 10am to 5pm rain or shine in Hammond. The festival is a mini-theme park that uses the European Renaissance as a jumping off point for popular entertainment, shopping, and education. Many shows like the Joust and Falconry are entertaining and educational demonstrations. With over fifty scheduled shows every day you will be entertained with comedy, drama, and action, you can meet history in person including peasants, merchants, nobles, knights even Queen Elizabeth I. Holiday shopping is some of the most interesting you can find. Over 100 shops provide unique gift options such as real swords, handmade candles you help make, and even the glassblowing demonstration sells the products it demonstrates. The Renaissance is also known for entertainment and events such as Shakespeare, juggling, fire eating, magicians, sword-fighting duels, birds of prey, and jousting. The Louisiana Renaissance Festival is a very educational experience. Learn about history, everyday life and the social structure of the European Renaissance. See demonstrations of product creation, including swords, glassware, metalwork and much more. www.la-renfest.com

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2 Responses to “Louisiana Renaissance Festival – 2010”

  1. RedTheImpaler Says:

    Went for my first time today and I’m hooked!? Im going every year now! Good job Alvon!

  2. guerrero1106 Says:

    I dreaded going but actually enjoyed, everyone was in such a good mood and polite. Good day out, I recomend it, take it from me, I usually don’t like? anything.

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