Making a Buckskin Leather Shirt

I made this shirt over the course of about 4 days, with 2 days of just staring at it for the most part, trying to figure out what I was going to do. It is a bastardization of a mountain man shirt and Plains War Shirt, with some 550 cord thrown in there for shits and giggles.

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23 Responses to “Making a Buckskin Leather Shirt”

  1. budda734 Says:

    looks very? nice 5/5

  2. Wildernessliving Says:

    i love it ! very nice work i have been wanting to? make one as well how does the hide feel ? is it hot to wear ? para cord very nice idea as well 5*s

  3. SkogKniv Says:

    Excellent project Faol!? Well done! 5/5

  4. maveraver Says:

    Looks good to? me mate 5/5

  5. faolbushcraft Says:

    It is 60 degrees and sunny outside, but I would be fine in it, as long as I wasn’t doing hard work. This one is cowhide, as I wanted to practice on something less expensive first. Deer or goat hide would be better for warmer weather.


  6. medicjimr Says:

    Looks very good Ke-mo sah-bee? we give you 5 stars now.

  7. bosshogg013641 Says:

    if? you use deer hide it is very very soft

  8. bosshogg013641 Says:

    dang faol wonderin when you? were comin back lol

  9. 73mensailedoff Says:

    Very nice shirt? 5*

  10. beast12101 Says:

    that looks real nice, great job?

  11. jmvssf Says:

    Two days of prep was worthwhile. Measure twice, cut? once. The finished product looks great.


    Nice, that shirt turned out good. I like it alot. Thanks Faol, 5 stars?

  13. brohmanski Says:

    I saw a buckskin shirt with? the old US buffalo/indian head nickle as buttons/cufflinks…really cool! good job on that dude!

  14. 3mate1 Says:

    Just wondering if you fringed out those flaps on your sleevs and shoulders? Looks great though. Im just gathering up my mats for a war shirt myself for Rondezvous-ing. I have a few questions for you though…
    How did you stitch your seams?
    What type of skin did you use, and was it heavy? duty skin?
    did you use a pattern or just gundeck it?

    Very cool!

  15. faolbushcraft Says:

    @3mate1 No, I never fringed the flaps. The plains people never fringed theirs, so I left it alone since that is what I was emulating. The seams are done with 550 paracord, and are just straight-sewn on the shoulder pieces, connecting the sleeves, but I overlapped the side torso seams and wound around through them. I will try to get a video up showing the detail. It is hard to explain it.

    I just kind of winged this, but I will show my method when I? do the close-up vid.

  16. aichausa Says:

    Wow. Looks really good and good on you! Nice work! How was the shin-dig and did you get any compliments on the shirt you? made?

  17. faolbushcraft Says:

    @aichausa The shindig went well except for the hail storm that came out of nowhere. I received compliments on it, although there was? only part of one day that it was cool enough to wear.

  18. roydora Says:

    Nice? shirt

  19. WinterWoodlands Says:

    Wondering how to do this for? years now. Thank you for such a clearly presented video.

  20. faolbushcraft Says:

    @WinterWoodlands Thanks. I was hoping it would help someone. Good luck on making? yours.

  21. WinterWoodlands Says:

    @faolbushcraft hope you will post more videos along the same lines!?

  22. OFFTHEWALLPro Says:

    What type of leather is that and were did? you get it ?

  23. faolbushcraft Says:

    @OFFTHEWALLPro It was purchased at Tandy. I purchased a whole hide, and they called it buckskin cow hide. It is supple? like deer, but thicker being cow.

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