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  1. Thedom1nat1on Says:

    Emobuscus with a? bear

  2. toygod52 Says:

    pick the one in the? middle and yes in your voice (YES)

  3. GreggBox360 Says:

    Olga should really wear a? cleavage costume just like everyone else.

  4. TannerManFrith Says:

    NO? TOBY THAT ONE!!!!!!

  5. rax ferd Says:

    1:29 the best. tom? cruise block

  6. Chimpansara Says:

    Olga? made the WHITENESS appear.

  7. majicraven Says:

    Olga just posted? a video wearing a cleavage filled costume. She must have read your comment, bro

  8. GreggBox360 Says:

    HAHA!? gotta check that video


    teleKINECTic powers :3?

  10. adq123196 Says:

    telekinetic powers…

  11. RunningBarefootFun24 Says:

    somehow i think that we all knew that toby? was gonna lose right from the beginning. such faith 😉

  12. milesstackpoole Says:

    at? 4:44 she popped out of nowhere right behind toby lol

  13. Iamawsome86 Says:

    It’s telekinetic? powers… J/s.

  14. FreakGirlMe Says:

    I hope he remembers his sunnies and they are? so not medievil… tobuscus is leading fashion in the middle ages =)

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