Men Without Hats – Safety Dance [Official Video]

Men Without Hats – Safety Dance – OFFICIAL VIDEO BUY 4-track EP ON ITUNES – Lyrics: We can dance if we want to. We can leave your friends behind. Cause’ your friend don’t dance, and if they don’t dance, well they’re no friends of mine. Say, we can go where we want to….

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25 Responses to “Men Without Hats – Safety Dance [Official Video]”

  1. GeorgenotSmith Says:

    I just wanna mate, er, ah,? meat…I mean meet(!) that hot blonde.

  2. GeorgenotSmith Says:

    Oh, you too, huh??

  3. SystemEquation Says:

    @GeorgenotSmith Funny, I thought there would be more listeners here. Oh well.? Good song.

  4. Gratefulnueron Says:

    LSD…Enough Said?

  5. TheGuitargirl09 Says:

    my bro is? obsessed with this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. xxxxDYLANHOLMESxxxx Says:

    alright, cleveland, you’re all clear to enter the vault? 😉

  7. QuietGuitaristfan Says:

    @AnEntityOfCreation I like this better because? its lyrics are better

  8. Imdill3 Says:

    You know,? this dance isn’t as safe as they said it was.

  9. The4dadios Says:

    the midget was on L.A. Law? back in 1986

  10. bluepigkoala Says:

    I uh. I like the girls? face at :41 O.o

  11. Panziegirl Says:

    ..I did the Safety Dance in my first period class today… and THEY DIDN’T KNOW WHAT IT WAS!!!!! WHAT IS THIS?! Stupid newer generation. You don’t know anything. T^T Try going back in time. xD At least back then? they could dance. XD

  12. TheTyukodi Says:


  13. usuckalots Says:

    i gowing? to play this at the renasons vestibal

  14. kornproducts Says:

    “dansce!” *eargasm*?

  15. GreyhawkGrognard Says:

    Love that the dwarf is wearing a “Men Without Hats”? t-shirt.

  16. idriveabucket Says:

    I suddenly want an? bottle of Lipton iced tea

  17. popppy360 Says:

    every1 remeber how normal? it was to sing and dance randomly like this??!!!!

  18. crazywildchild100 Says:


  19. xxdomoxxkunxx Says:

    @Panziegirl well if they dont dance, then they dont dance, then they clearly,? are not your friends

  20. Triumph72 Says:

    This song came out in 82 when I was 10. I loved it! ? But I could not imagine, years later, kids in high school or people in their 20s thinking this was cool. But hey, what did I know, I still like it!

  21. jinpayne Says:

    My reaction to SOPA?

  22. saiyanblade84 Says:

    I first saw this? on Beavis and Butt-Head… the Cow Tipping episode. :)

  23. TheBRUTALrc Says:

    What the hell happened to? the shire?! =)

  24. DieKolkrabe Says:

    Cat pictures brought me here….?

  25. BR3YD055 Says:

    like? if your watching this in 1991

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