Mens Renaissance Clothing for Halloween Costumes

Oh my! Halloween is just around the corner, do you have your costume yet?

Robin Hood
, in his Designer Collection Adult Costume, not only robs from the rich (he’s a politician in disguise, isn’t that the same as a thief?) to give to the poor (theoretically-better check his pockets), he’s stolen Maid Marion’s and many a poor woman’s heart as well! What a rogue.


Well, maybe your smart enough to realize that your pretty smart and therefore are smart enough to be a Wizard. Not just any Wizard, but a Celestial Wizard! You know the kind, always got their heads in the clouds. But they are actually thinking up of new ways to…I, hmmm, better not say, least I end up a toasty toad in some sorcerer’s pot.

Speaking of Sorcerer’s, I had better watch myself here – they love practical jokes, check this costume out. Be a Mystic Sorcerer Elite this Halloween.SORCERER

Well now, if you have a wandering spirit or a sexy body, why not be a Sexy Sailor? Ahh, just think of all the girls you can make walk the plank if they don’t do as you say. Imagine a crew of wet and willing…oops, gotta move on! SAILOR

It’s only a step away from sailor to Pirate and loads more fun.PIRATE COAT

If all else fails, get rid of ’em. Not the life of the party? Well be the death of the party…be the Executioner! No one will say a bad word to you all night. EXECUTIONER

Make sure you invite the good Friar to your Halloween party, he’ll be handy after the executioner. Nothing like a good friar to lighten up everyone’s spirits and mood. Be a good Friar this Halloween. Or maybe a good Monk.

Move on up in the world and be a Daring, Dashing, Debonair, Chivalrous Dark Knight. Have the Ladies falling all over you. Oh, all the Damsels in distress that you must rescue. They will be sooo over whelming and thankful for your help. How many ways can they show their appreciation? I don’t know, but somebody’s got to find out. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.


And if being a Knight is not enough for you, by all means be the King. You will not fail at having a good time as the King. Why, if they don’t excite you – off to the dungeons! Sit back and relax. Have a grand time as the King this Halloween. You Rule, My Lord!KING

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