Minnesota Renaissance Festival – My Favorite Minnesota

Renaissance Festival: Shakopee I love this place ’cause I can speak with a fake English accent all day long and pretend I’m in a Monty Python movie. If you’re a single woman you’re guaranteed to find a knight in shining armor. Ha. It’s a big costume party and you can get hooked up with some period dress right on site. Actors stay in character and the “kingdom” is made up of permanent structures that look totally authentic. It could be Middle Earth if you know what I mean. Everything is “Ye Olde” like the Ye Old giant turkey legs that you can rip apart to the Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe where you can get a Ye Olde latte. There’s a place to whiz tomatoes at unruly peasants’ heads, make funny wax “hang loose” molds of your hand, and I usually never leave without getting an elephant to chauffer me around. It’s definitely a throw back in time. It’s total Ye Olde sweet. See more about cool Minnesota stuff at My Favorite Minnesota www.exploreminnesota.com Don’t forget www.exploreminnesota.com

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25 Responses to “Minnesota Renaissance Festival – My Favorite Minnesota”

  1. TheCrazyGerman Says:

    Nice nice.. like Disneyland. But Renaissance? Or Medieval? Forget it. ROFL. Greetings from a? land with history.

  2. davey2244 Says:

    “What’s not to like about the renaissance? Wax hands,? Elephants, TURKEY LEGS…CMON! ROCK IT!”
    *Riding an Elephant*
    “out of control! OUT OF CONTROL!”

  3. redron213 Says:

    Renfest is the shit XDD Ive been going for a? few years now and I love it. ppl wouldnt expect a 13 year old to love this kind of thing.

  4. coltsowl Says:

    Looks like a Fun Fair!!!

    Ladies…. See ROMANTIC movie clip
    A knight? and his lady

  5. tjdragoon Says:

    T-Menoble XD?

  6. MasterBloodbender Says:

    T-Medieval. Three turkey? legs of service. T-Medieval. Get more.

    I love that. <3

  7. PossiblyInsane33 Says:

    i went to this one as a? kid! still my favorite; SO AWESOME 😀

  8. Dollarbob Says:

    nerd alert….nerd alert….loser fest….loser alert….?

  9. Gunnar120 Says:

    There… is a food item called… the Smoralicious…. they advertise not to eat one all by yourself, for you might? die. My half was delicious. Egg roll injected with chocolaty whipped cream, covered with chocolaty whipped cream…. with chocolate syrup on top. I’m guessing this as an average treat will pretty much ensure you will not have any “Golden Years”.
    Gunnar OUT!

  10. MyfoodtastesIRONY Says:

    1:43? ROFLMAOOL

  11. Kelvarra Says:

    you going this year man? i might see u thar!! 😀 im young…so maybe?? 😀

  12. huntingrules1231 Says:

    how much does? swords cost their now???

  13. GrandPrix55 Says:

    Why do Americans confuse the post-medieval, modern, Renaissance era with Medieval?
    :Your “Renaissance”? fairs are mainly and actually mediaeval.

  14. 10thDoctorLuver Says:

    Loved your ‘Ye Olde’ Tennis shoes.

    Hehe! I? understand how expensive boots are! :)

  15. AriesGoddessKasi Says:

    Hahaha! I hope by now you are able to ditch those tennies and get some actual boots… This was AWESOME! Good job..
    12 years? rennie and still goin strong! WooOT

  16. AriesGoddessKasi Says:

    Hahaha! I hope by now you are able to ditch? those tennie’s and get some actual boots… This was AWESOME! Good job..
    12 years rennie and still goin strong! WooOT

  17. jmannunez Says:

    BUT NOONE IS BANGING THE COCONUTS!!! oh well, just? get swallow to bring one to…. oh ya i forgot 😛

  18. HexSabre Says:

    I know? the lady in the silver and black dress!

  19. adlfisher1998 Says:

    And don’t forget about cheesecake on a stick?

  20. systemfighter220 Says:

    Oh man im afraid of meeting this? guy this year and having him make fun of my costume!

  21. Xalanir Says:

    Who IS that jester?? He’s adorable!

  22. mabscape Says:

    Haha! I live right next, literally in a neighbrohood right next to the renasaince festival.. It is the one in Concord N.C. The parking is HUGE, so we always walk..? Beastly man..

  23. DKSKYRO Says:

    im going today?

  24. TheMonsterSkull Says:

    1:40-43…just let the gusy be? themselves.

  25. hollywoodcuppiicakes Says:

    haha i just? got back from there :3

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