My Suit of Armor

I thought wearing a business suit was a pain in the ass. This thing weighs like 70 pounds!

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22 Responses to “My Suit of Armor”

  1. italllies Says:

    rad !

  2. hauntedskin Says:

    Not my usual interest, but not bad. Now all you need is some fitting garments to go with the armour. I know that vintage clothing can be hard to get a hold of unless you work in the film or theatre industry, but some old-fashioned cloth-like trousers with no pockets and a vintage shirt would be really fetching and complete the look.

  3. mwtrag Says:

    @hauntedskin yea i’m probably going to fit it on a mannequin. maybe a chain mail vest to go under it too

  4. pzajk Says:


  5. Pierrestrata Says:

    looks like you just walked off the set to army of darkness :) nice

  6. Rekrad626 Says:

    how long did that take you to make that?

  7. mwtrag Says:

    @Rekrad626 someone i know knows someone who made it in scotland with traditional blacksmith methods

  8. Dekoomer Says:

    a flower on on the chest -.-‘

  9. siaic Says:

    anyone else find this strangely hilarious?

  10. 420JohnnieBoi Says:


  11. FoxHimura Says:

    Do you have mobility with that thing? Or you can’t move well just cuz’ its so heavy and you’re not that strong?

  12. jaredbroider Says:

    Now your ready for the apocalypse!

  13. Xetoran Says:

    *clink* * clang* *clink* * clang* “quiet! I am trying to sneak up on em!” *clink* * clang* *clink* * clang*

  14. mwtrag Says:

    @Pierrestrata yea i can wear this with my zombie mask and sleeves or i was thinking about doing up a planet of the apes costume like tim roth but i can’t find a good enough mask (the suit is no problem just a gorilla suit under the armor

  15. Sadman35 Says:

    shit, gordon freeman has a suit of armor. we’re fucked.

  16. TartanSpartan72 Says:

    Lmao love the metal horns! Hahaha it’s better than my suit of armour!

  17. debrexbeta Says:

    klank klank klank…. WATCH OUT IT’S THE IRON MAN

  18. bernalseba Says:

    Which is the cost of this?

  19. 110ih Says:

    Aim for the butt.
    hehe 😀

  20. Akazaji Says:

    @mwtrag considering how open to attack your armpits are I highly reccomend a chainmail vest. Also, chain leggings would look badass with that.

  21. kardentyrell Says:

    Go jogging each day with that thing. (while sounding like a carwreck in progress)

  22. elementalwiz Says:

    thats quite a nice bit of armor.. but meh i got an idea of some kind of stealth suit lol.. all i need is a shit load of little tv screens, some cameras and a big bag

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