need a medieval irish fondue recipe for faire?

I’m working in my local Renaissance faire which is set in medieval ireland and need to know if fondue had made to britain from switzerland by then and if yes I would love some old recipes thank you

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One Response to “need a medieval irish fondue recipe for faire?”

  1. selina.evans Says:

    The first known recipe for a fondue appears in Homer’s Iliad; scroll 11, lines is made from Pramnos wine, goat’s cheese and white the dish, if not the name, has been around for a good long time. People travelled and traded far more widely during the middle ages and earlier than we tend to realise and i see no reason why some medieval Irish traveller might not have brought this dish back to Ireland with him..or perhaps a religious traveller to Ireland could have done so. try making the fondue with a good Irish Cheddar..unless you are in Ireland and can get hold of a really fantastic cheese from a farmer’s market; use any wine you please, a lot of wine was shipped around the world during the past couple of thousand of the oldest still in production is Est Est Est, an Italian wine,semi sweet and delicious with cheese. Then serve your fondue up with chunks of soda bread, Irish sausages, black and white pudding and whatever else you like. This may be taking a few liberties with history, but none of them are impossible or even particularly improbable and the result should be delicious.

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