Ocean Springs Renaissance Faire – the blacksmith

Spoon Demo – Trenton, the finest blacksmith in the world, performs at the ren-faire. I had to chop out some of the stories due to YouTube’s time constraints. He is fascinating to listen to and very easy on the eyes.

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4 Responses to “Ocean Springs Renaissance Faire – the blacksmith”

  1. MNdigger Says:


  2. cbrusharmy Says:

    This guy has a? youtube channel:

  3. bassfuryvi Says:

    YEH Trenton? from Purgatory!!

  4. 349duffman Says:

    i dont know from which orifice you pulled the words “finest blacksmith in the world” from. he is definitely not the finest in the world. trenton is a great guy, trust me we have talked several times, but there are better smiths? out there.

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