Ohio Renaissance Faire 2006

A few hilights from my day in Harveysburg Ohio, attending the ren-faire held there every autumn. The Minstrels of Mayhem perform, followed by some footage of the parade, followed by the itinerant swordsmen Dirk and Guido.

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11 Responses to “Ohio Renaissance Faire 2006”

  1. weaselunit123 Says:

    Dirk And Guido are where? its at. I wish I was 1/2 as bold or stupid as they are!

  2. kuroganeblack Says:

    Hahaha! WIN!?

  3. NarlyFang Says:

    Guh, mand I lobve the Ren Faire….I took? my friend there last summer. The only time she stopped smiling was when we went into the dungeon. We also spotted Sauron’s armour from Lord of the Rings. 😛

  4. Haven013 Says:


  5. ericajamie08 Says:

    Who’s going? this year?!?! I am.

  6. IStormywatersI Says:

    I already ordered :) I drive all the? way from Anderson Ind every year… freakin love the ren festival.

  7. Mitsukosai Says:

    “Here come the? gypsies, hang onto your wallets”

  8. marleyskye13 Says:

    I know like seven of the people in the parade, and i know the swordsmen. I’m a rennie kid, i go every? weekend cause my mom works there. it’s awesome.

  9. DrLsw Says:

    i love goin to this, i usually go every? year but we didnt go in 08 :(

  10. newgurl123 Says:

    Lucky! X)
    Oh and my brother used to work there? so we would go like at least a few times every year. Now he doesn’t work there and I force my mom to let me go still I know a bunch of the people involved witht he joust. :)

  11. elteescat Says:

    I’m so ready to go back this year! Dirk and Guido? are gods!!

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