Pure Michigan: Renaissance Festival

spoof of the Pure Michigan ads, by John Kerfoot, highlighting the Michigan Renaissance Festival

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25 Responses to “Pure Michigan: Renaissance Festival”

  1. Dumbweirdopoop Says:

    That’s my dad 15 seconds? in, I’m so proud.

  2. ddegithink Says:

    @earthmamaursa “PICKKLLLEEEEE, GET YA PICKLE HEERREEE!” I love this faire and? state SO much.

  3. kittygurl521 Says:


  4. theprofessional7777 Says:

    its techno viking at 15? seconds

  5. Ryanfarrick Says:

    They didn’t include any shots of? the sexual-harassment pickle-guys? Come on now.

  6. whitelion97 Says:

    Do one about? Frankenmuth! :D?

  7. Stigmatainmypants Says:

    Good lord, do i hate that place. My sisters are all about it. They always raved about it, and so one year i went along with them. Words? cannot describe how much i hated it. Never have been back, and never will. Yuck.

  8. greatwhite1116 Says:

    @Stigmatainmypants It’s so dirty and disgusting but a great place to people watch and? there are so many dorks. Iv’e only been there twice once in the early fal lbefore I left for Navy bootcamp and the second time this past Labor Day with my sister’s family both times VERY bored and EVERYTHING costs I seriously doubt I will ever go again! Great Post!

  9. jubjubburd Says:

    can you uh give me your address? so I can BASH YOUR HEAD IN WITH MY WOODEN SWORD AND SHIELD

  10. Dovey31 Says:

    omg i? love these LOL.

  11. TheZagunn Says:

    haha hilarious?

  12. MasterChef306 Says:

    @MaRsloStUnNeR Not true! They’re just as? funny in Wisconsin, trust me.

  13. tmhissong Says:

    Never been the same since the original Lord High? Sheriff retired in ’95!!!


    The Original Lord High Sheriff

  14. smujismuj Says:

    I’ll bet the people who produced this video get less nookie than anyone I? know at the Ren Fest.

  15. kylewild1 Says:

    at 0:28, the kid wearing black with the elf ears on is my good buddy Trevin [@DJ0mniIce]! and the guy in front of him is Zak [@storytimewithzak]. he asked me to go to the renaissance fest with him, zak, n his girlfriend, but i had football that day and i couldn’t go. if i would have gone, i would have probably been standing right? next to them…

  16. Thendoflife Says:


  17. draco12100 Says:

    lol. i like the renaissance fests, and i live in michigan, almost non of these facts are true about me,? but i laughed anyway

  18. coolioisafoolio Says:

    This shit happens less than 5 minutes away? from me.

  19. nula07 Says:


    Laugh away….a couple of skanky, ugly people, spoofing on Michigan, and doing absolutely nothing of any value to anyone, anywhere, other than themselves. That’s what Michigan wants, that’s what you got.? What’s the big deal?

  20. daboyz53 Says:

    MAKE A DVD OF “PURE MICHIGAN” Keep Making them! Vote up if? you would buy the DVD!

  21. gerfall Says:

    @smujismuj Anyone who calls it “nookie”? doesn’t get any…

  22. ASmilingMalice Says:

    How long until the bitch? picking her nose at the end complains about this video and you have to blur her face out? lol

  23. ryanmckelroy01 Says:

    @Thendoflife? Thats awesome!!!! Ears blended well too!!!

  24. Michiganstategem Says:

    lots of fun for everyone…support Michigan Rare Michigan State? Gem Chlorastrolite can be found on etsy

  25. Shieya1 Says:

    Four minutes down the road from my house. I go several times a year,? haha xD

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