Renaissance Martial Arts – the Web Documentary: Part 1of10

Explores the little known history and heritage of Medieval and Renaissance Fighting and Fencing skills of European Martial Arts in this first of its kind 10 part documentary.

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25 Responses to “Renaissance Martial Arts – the Web Documentary: Part 1of10”

  1. MastrPackr Says:

    Most stills depict two combatants with identical weapons & armor – Unrealistic circumstances

  2. Sefardi123 Says:

    More like 2500 years ago

  3. GuamKomudo Says:

    Well yeah, there was even a “Guard Position”. There is only so many ways we can use our bodies as a weapons, ground fighting has been a real part of fighting of EVERY martial art that actually fought in real life, even Kung fu, and many arts nowdays seen as “Unuseful”. That is because they were changed from the original war born hand to hand combat systems.

  4. GuamKomudo Says:

    I hate when people compare ninjas to warriors like Knights or something. Ninja wins a Knight everytime because the only time a real Ninja is fighting a Knight is when the Knight is sleeping in his bed. Or the Knight takes a drink of his drink and dies from poison =P
    Ninja, reguardless of what Hollywood shows you, would never fight you straight out, and often wouldn’t even kill you, just steal stuff…

  5. cave321 Says:

    Wow your stupid. What about wrestling? And Boxing is much better than teakwondo, karate and wing chun. And do you really believe every muay thai fighter would win against a boxer?

  6. jystyle Says:

    @bassmanboe because they have no real skill in kicks

  7. sinen0mine Says:

    I like european fencing and sword fighting. But this documentation sucks. It is just an endless stream of pictures that the camera moves across. You get head ache watching this. There is not a single picture shown still and in detail. Every picture is zoomed in and out and moved across all the time within seconds. You get eye cancer. And a monotone voice reading without dot and comma. What about visiting a fencing school and let the pictures be shown professionally?

  8. pey10ab Says:

    … …the drummer for this intro tune has terrible consistency.

  9. freeheretic111 Says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

  10. ishouldplayzelda Says:

    the art of killing other people… why isn’t it still taught?

  11. ishouldplayzelda Says:

    @GuamKomudo okay, so the ninja is a coward! HUZZAH!!

  12. hornetpalooza Says:

    Finally someone on this subject! Finally! 😀

  13. TheMartialartsJedi Says:


    there is no such thing as this style is better than that, its all on the user, if he fails, its the persons fault not the art.

  14. TheUsrper1 Says:

    @GuamKomudo …Did you just say that a ninja would win the fight by not fighting? That seems like a total paradox. Ninjas were not warriors, they were assassins. If they could go the entire mission without combat, that was perfect. One on one a knight would kill a ninja, hands down. But a ninja would never allow himself to be in that situation, so its all speculation. And for the record, ninjas are far more fabricated by Hollywood than knights. But still not as much as the samurai.

  15. GuamKomudo Says:

    If you are SO smart you should be able to undersand what I mean instead of picking it apart and making me sound wrong but you’re actually saying the same thing as me… >.>

  16. GuamKomudo Says:

    It’s not the most honorable role in the world no, but that was point. In Japan there was a need for a dishonorable person in the war, so they could win. Samurai sure as hell not gonn spy on people and dress up and act like a normal person and steal important stuff like that. So the ninja were created, a dishonorable low life loser with nothing to lose was the ACTUAL ninja in history. You’re 100% correct. Europe has it’s own version too, it’s just not a pop culture super star

  17. ishouldplayzelda Says:

    @GuamKomudo i guess that makes sense but i’m just sick of the pop culture image of the ninja. it just needs to die off

  18. GuamKomudo Says:

    By the end of the ninja’s time they were very organized groups with very high knowledge of stealth, stealing, desquise, and other skills like that. They had some martial art skill based on sneak attacks. Just like now days, their main weapon was the fact that everyone THOUGHT they were badass ghost like warriors. They can disapear into smoke!The legend of the ninja was based on magic tricks, rumor and very ignorant people. Today not much is actually known about them, just the way they wanted it

  19. williebl2005 Says:

    @b3ntleg They didn’t forget. They call it “Catch as Catch Can” in England & “Collar & Elbow” in the early years of the New World USA. 1st President George Washington was a practitioner of both Grappling Art. It is currently known as Catch Wrestling. refer to Erik Paulson, Coach to UFC’s Sean Sherk, Brock Lesnar, Afflictions’s John Barnett and many others.

  20. odekeye Says:

    @b3ntleg they were taught to europe by africans, the beni hassan heiroglyphs show a hug piece of what we today call jiu-jitsu.the sword fighting ,from the moors of spain, who were really the moors of africa.

  21. odekeye Says:

    the renaissance was a time of thievery,Europe would hire people to go and steal,gold ,silver, people, writings,books,culture, sophisacated are we to believe europe’s martial arts were,when these same people thought the world was flat,and they had no proof that Mars was out there,and before anyone mentions the “scholarly”men of europe,first find out where they got their education.

  22. BangTheRocksTogether Says:

    @ odekeye, Please please punctuate and capitalize. Then, do some reading. Read about Da Vinci, Borgia, Dante, Machiavelli, and the Medicis. That is the Renaissance. If you are still curious about WMA after that Fiore de Liberi and Ridolfo Capoferro are interesting. The Medieval German Fechtbuchs [Fightbooks] are cool. They are surprisingly sophisticated. Don’t forget, all of their weapons were made with coal and a hammer. Don’t worry, all these WMA books have plenty of pictures.

  23. FearThisChannel Says:

    Now this is interesting. I always thought that unarmed techniques from European fighting styles sucked. I was obviously mistaken.

  24. PhysXProg Says:

    actually it is pankration.. not mixed martial arts, one style that possesses both striking and grappling moves, MMA is taking for example karate, jujutsu and capoera :) just to clear that up

  25. atraherne Says:

    @b3ntleg Europe was also heavily spiritual, meditation / cosmic awareness / healing arts / deep connection with the earth, the animals and the energy behind it. Europe went through the processes for more complex / developed societies to set the stage for the modern world we live in. Now a growing % of the modern world are looking back to intergrate the significantly abandoned qualities.

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