Renaissance Martial Arts – the Web Documentary: Part 1of10

Explore the little known history and heritage of Medieval and Renaissance Fighting and Fencing skills of European Martial Arts in this unique one of a kind 10 part documentary. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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4 Responses to “Renaissance Martial Arts – the Web Documentary: Part 1of10”

  1. TheGreaterGood80 Says:

    Great history, but poor, ego-stroking narration. Yes, we know Euro martial arts are great and effective, just don’t need so many long winded sentences chock full of fancy esteemed words to reiterate that they are great. Instead just get into the techniques themselves.

  2. tomrichugpeltho Says:


  3. grafight Says:

    The problem is that only the rapier and sabre fencing techniques have been passed down to the present, so the Eastern Martial arts seem far more complete.

  4. belmontsmild Says:

    in one picture, the guy is being stabbed in the dick and the blade exits in his ass.. wtf are they depicted fighting naked for with shields tho?

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