Renaissance Martial Arts – the Web Documentary: Part 4of10

Explore the little known history and heritage of Medieval and Renaissance Fighting and Fencing skills of European Martial Arts in this unique 10 part documentary. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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25 Responses to “Renaissance Martial Arts – the Web Documentary: Part 4of10”

  1. Ieatbabyseals Says:

    Mongolians were Mongolians

    Chinese were Chinese

    Mongolians spent most of their time invading and raping the shit out of the Chinese. It’s why China built The Great Wall. Mongolians could beat the Chinese senseless because they couldn’t catch the Mongolians, because of their re-curve bow technology. Mongolian’s needed only horse back Archery to conquer the Chinese.

  2. jystyle Says:

    stfu with your stupid bow argument ok… damn bow without skill is equall to nothing. Mounted Archery is a Martial arts you futard so is fencing, so is jousting. Monguls are masters at Horse Archery eg meaning superior at that martial art you fucking moron. And for your information you fucktard in Ancient times Mongolian speak their language and Chinese,
    so did Koreans, Japanese and all the Mongoloid races Read and Write in Chinese which makes them all Chinese or Mongoloids races.

  3. Ieatbabyseals Says:

    There were many variations of Mandarin, and the Chinese and Mongols were sworn enemies. Chinese, Mongolian, Koreans, and the Japanese were all different cultures and competing nations. Yes a bowman does need training, but the Mongolians were not able to conquer China until they had re-curve bow technology. The reason being that the bow could be fired quickly and still have the ability to pierce armour. It was the technological that made the Mongol horsearcher as potent as it was.

  4. jystyle Says:

    anyways talking to you is like talking to a wall you keep repeating the same crap over and over. Different culture wtv all i am saying is Asian are better at unarmed combat i dont give a fuck about your stupid bow argument. Keep to the subject you imbecile. I dont care about the Damn Bow give Chinese or Anyone the damn Bow i bet you they cant use like the mongolians because they are horse breeders they are best horsemens in the world during that time. No one can use it like them eitherway

  5. Ieatbabyseals Says:

    There’s no such thing as a better martial art; there is only a better martial artist

  6. jystyle Says:

    what are you mentally handicap? I wrote that asians had more advance hand to hand combat technique and Europeens had simple wrestling and virtually no striking techniques. Asians had MORE ADVANCE hand to hand MARTIAL ARTS IN ANCIENT TIMES. Did i say an Asian is a better martial artist? no i wrote that they had more sophisticated style of fighting handtohand. Any one can be good at it!!! Seriously all you people take shit personally for nothing.

  7. Ieatbabyseals Says:

    What about Pugilism? It was a European striking style that was very similar to wing chun. How come there couldn’t have een striking styles similar to Asian styles?

    As far as taking things personal it looks like you’re the one getting upset.

  8. jystyle Says:

    Pugilism? you mean boxing no it was not similar to wing chun it became similar recently when europeen were introduce to Asian martial arts. No europeen styles had any high kicks until Savate, Asians have has high kicks for hundreds of years before. Pugilism or boxing… wouldnt stand a chance against Muay Boran. A more sophisticated style.

  9. anhkhoinguyen Says:

    china got conquered twice by mngols and manchus for 200 years each, but for the most part the chinese dominated them 4 centurys, shit they even kicked them out every time.

  10. anhkhoinguyen Says:

    i didnt say hittin a bag or board makes u a better fighter…learn how to read, what i meant is its a very useful tool to SHARPING and conditining your hands combos n speed. and YES sparring is the only way to learn to defend yourself

  11. anhkhoinguyen Says:

    its amazing how the mongols can take only 20,000 horse archers and defeat armies the size of 100,000 using the fake retreat to lore the enimie in then use there horse to circle around them and fire there arrows at them while the enimies forces are traped in the middle, just genius!

  12. specialforces69 Says:

    Whether you believe me or not is up to you. And yes, I completely agree that sparring is the only way to learn (as closely as possible without the real thing) to defend yourself. But knowledge still helps a lot, even if it hasn’t been tested. I myself do Mixed Martial Arts, and I read books on it, look at videos, and I notice it helps a lot when you spar, you notice that thanks to the knowledge, you can do things the opponent doesn’t know. But of course, to master it, you need to actually do it.

  13. specialforces69 Says:

    Another thing, if anything, European martial arts where more developed than more fantasy oriented martial arts. These pages remind me of Military CQC manuals from when I first joined the Marines.

  14. zbug9 Says:

    boxing is about the oldest fighting style ther is it came from the anciant egyptsions

  15. ApocalypseHax Says:

    The act of arguing over which ethnic group had the best system of martial arts is pointless.

    If you have any knowledge of the standard katas that samurai drilled, it’s almost the exact same principle of using maximum amount of leverage to strike with a blade that the European knights practiced with longsword and two-hander.

    Also, Asian cultures are traditionalists. The biggest reason for misconceptions of Asian martial arts over European ones is that the European teachings are scarce today.

  16. ApocalypseHax Says:

    The Europeans were technologists and economists over traditionalists. The evolved into new fighting systems and their ancient teachings of combat were discarded by most.

    Also, both cultures around this time period were just in the infancy of implementing a systematic guide of fighting. Most knowledge in the early medieval period and dark ages were learned by person to person instruction from experienced fighters and lords.

  17. ApocalypseHax Says:

    Also, for the Bowman argument of Asians vs Europeans, I’d like to see a welsh Longbowman against a samurai Yabusame bowman or Mongolian any day.

  18. Ultrasecond Says:

    Might as well match a bayonetted civil war rifleman with a navy seal then while you’re at it – different places, different times, different technologies.

    Also I guarantee you that if samurai went up against europeans europeans would steal the tech and do their own modified version of samurai tech.

  19. XCritonX Says:

    I live in Portugal. Until 1800 everyone needed to carry weapons. Why you ask? Because of the constant attacks of Muslim pirates from Africa. They would kill the men and elderly, rape the women and children and sell them into slavery. Between 1300 and 1800 they kidnapped over 3.5 million Portuguese and killed many more. Black and Berber Africans were even bigger slavers than the Europeans ever were.
    It all ended when a hand full of US marines killed or disabled the entire pirate fleet. Thanks.

  20. longfootbuddy Says:

    gotta love medieval mma

  21. hornetpalooza Says:

    @specialforces69 I think europe tried very long to get rid of it’s violent and uncivilized path. Europe got it’s start on unification in 1948, up until then it was a free for all deatmatch, carrying on the greek and roman traditions of economy through conquest.

  22. Weston1968 Says:

    @longfootbuddy There was no mixed Martial Arts back then as their fighting style were complete. The Martial Arts of the Modern age are watered down versions of their former selves e.g. Karate, Judo, Aikido e.t.c. It was always going to be a natural progression to go back to a more complete Art e.g. MMA. And soon due to the issue with knife crime weapons training will be more part of the curriculum in the future. Did like your joke though :0)

  23. longfootbuddy Says:

    @Weston1968 thanks for your er, expertise

  24. kaindrg Says:

    @specialforces69 ehh the problem is martial arts get flowerized by time and age when ppl lose sight of the purpose. especially when civilinizing. if ur referign to martial arts of asian then yes wit hthe right teacher they will ahve the same level of practicality but alot of Mcdojos that have appeared in the last 600 years have ruined that i could get into more detail if u want because i feel the need to disband misconception of martial arts in general

  25. TheCoxblox Says:


    You guys should have tried to give them jobs. They would have left you alone for sure!

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