Renaissance Martial Arts – the Web Documentary: Part 5of10

Explore the little known history and heritage of Medieval and Renaissance Fighting and Fencing skills of European Martial Arts in this unique one of a kind 10 part documentary. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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6 Responses to “Renaissance Martial Arts – the Web Documentary: Part 5of10”

  1. cqc75 Says:

    very nice documentary.

  2. VegaEtereo Says:

    Great documentary.

  3. jystyle Says:

    since when was fencing known as sloppy or overrotted? Even bruce lee praised and practiced fencing, Bruce Lee’s brother was a fencing champion. Fencing is a distinguish and highly regarded martial arts and for good reason. Savate and Fencing is extremely formidable and not mentioned well developped.

  4. Hroarr Says:

    Jystyle, your quote regarding sloppy fencing refers to how people today look at medieval and renassaince fencing as crude and untechnical, not modern sports fencing.

  5. habojspade Says:

    I’m confused as to how this was not an evolution.

  6. heavyarms01h Says:

    You know, I think you could probably easily describe the history of fighting techniques and weapons development as a form of evolution. People would use their creativity to develop a variety of potential weapon forms or combat techniques, and those who used those weapons or knew those techniques would take them into combat. The ones that worked the best kept their users alive; the ones that weren’t as practical or effective died with their users. The survivors passed their knowledge on, etc.

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