Renaissance Martial Arts – the Web Documentary: Part Xof10

Explore the little known history and heritage of Medieval and Renaissance Fighting and Fencing skills of European Martial Arts in this unique one of a kind 10 part documentary. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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4 Responses to “Renaissance Martial Arts – the Web Documentary: Part Xof10”

  1. filmbuiltyouth Says:

    This video needs to be renamed to part? 6 of 10

  2. jdarkwind Says:

    I? find the timing of the dueling shield plate directly after the phrase “any serious method of self-defense” to be hilarious.

  3. VegaEtereo Says:


  4. kaindrg Says:

    if? the chinese didnt see military men as sub- human i think martial arts would have been better recored instead of ths shaolin (fantsy novel based) Myth and fanciful origin stories and the addition of impractical knowledge as a way to sell the art rather than teach it :(

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