Renaissance Martial Arts – the Web Documentary: Part2of10

Explores the little known history and heritage of Medieval and Renaissance Fighting and Fencing skills of European Martial Arts in this first of its kind 10 part documentary. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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25 Responses to “Renaissance Martial Arts – the Web Documentary: Part2of10”

  1. SwordAndBuckler Says:

    I believe that is the color version of Meyer.

  2. mortuary3 Says:

    is this documentary available on dvd for purchase? Nicely done.

  3. AlexRawlings Says:

    Really good work. Some of the pictures are amazing !

  4. VegaEtereo Says:


  5. vikiinki Says:

    Yes it may looks brutal but they were a man as man should be not like today cry-BABY s !! Today s weapon s are for girls not for the man of honour !!!

  6. seba0308 Says:

    Way too much general, introductory information that does not at all explains the actual art of close combat or brakes down techniques. What you hear in this film is what you can read in any general history book or watch in Hollywood movies. Lots of pictures but absolutely NO source work. “A wide array of arms was necessary”. Really?

  7. Supertomiman Says:

    i don’t think so but there’s a very good one called reclaiming the blade

  8. SailorBarsoom Says:

    Amazing images. This is as technique-rich as any martial arts tradition, and it’s good for people to know that.

  9. ketsan Says:

    The English in this is dire.

  10. docnightfall Says:

    Where are the re-enactments? Quotes from academic literature? The scholarly interviews?

    This isn’t a documentary. It’s a video-essay.

  11. KeithBrown51 Says:

    Think so?

    I wonder how you would face down Jelly Bryce.

  12. hunkyzombie Says:

    it seems to be on repatition, i know that sword fighting and martial arts are skilled and disciplined… i thought this was going to talk more about the specifics of those techniques..

  13. Tawalisi Says:

    Too much talking!!!!!!!!!!Where are the techniqus!

  14. Floydzkrieg Says:

    Hear, hear. Not at all what I expected and not particularly informative. Lots of pretty pictures to accompany what is essentially a history book on tape.

  15. 255Knights Says:

    look up ARMA sword…

  16. Hroarr Says:

    Jeez, everyone. Do a little research before complaining… Search for Hema, WMA, ARMA, Historical European Martial Arts, Hammaborg, GHFS, ringen.

    There are tons of clips of both techniques and sparring with the techniques mentioned. Iron Door Studios who produced this video is ARMA. There are huge amounts of proper academic and hands-on research to back it up.

  17. XCritonX Says:

    We have got it good now! No war in Europe for 60 years!!! Now if we just weren’t being invaded by Muslims again.

    Not to mention the oppression of our governments via exorbitant taxes and almost total disarmament.

  18. DrGreenThumbs1 Says:

    history repeats itself in the ashes of empires fallen

  19. GuamKomudo Says:

    I feel bad for you guys in Europe losing your cultures to Muslims… You guys are letting too many of them in man… Soon you won’t have a culture, you guys gotta stop so many of them from moving in…
    Now Obama is trying to kill our government like lots in Europe… All of Europe was screaming for us NOT to pass that Medical bill, yet he did… =P

  20. XCritonX Says:

    @GuamKomudo Its us or them. I think that another reconquest will happen in our lifetime. It will probably be global and hopefully it leads the complete annihilation of the Muslim culture. Like the Aztec, Assyrian, and Babylonian cultures Islam is based on violence, oppression and fear. Muslims will tell you to your face that they want peace, while trying to stab you in the back. The peace they want is for you to Rest In Peace. It has always been that way with them and its time they disappeared.

  21. GuamKomudo Says:

    I personally don’t like Muslim culture… I am a Roman Catholic, I don’t think they have the right to take over your countries (Which they are doing) Same with the European Union… It’s stupid, you’re killing your own cultures and making a single European mixed culture. Save yourselves man… I would HATE to see Europe loose such awesome cultures.

  22. Ronnock Says:

    @GuamKomudo The Roman Catholic Church is no better (and arguably worse) than the creeds and nation-states that you are referring to.

  23. SirKickz Says:

    …it’s a web documentary that’s distributed free of charge. What do you expect?

  24. WorldAccording2ME Says:

    in Palaski’s version of MacBeth their a fight between MacBeth and half a dozen knights where Beth uses some facy foot work and slips his dagger under the helment and throught the kinks

  25. ishouldplayzelda Says:

    @255Knights look up SCA heavy combat

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