Renaissance sword training

This is a small fraction of what you would learn at a European sword school.

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25 Responses to “Renaissance sword training”

  1. Roman55Legions Says:

    That is true!

    Longswords weight about 2lbs 2.5lbs! The 3lbs to 3.5 lbs. Are going to be you hand in a half swords…

    A Claymore is about 5lbs…

  2. Kunstdesfechtens Says:

    It depends. Commonly, they were made out of normal longsword blades of German manufacture. In essence, many were just longswords with a distinctive hilt.

  3. aurumvore Says:

    I train in Kendo and Kenjutsu too, and I would certainly love to incorporate European swordsmanship into my skill in combat. It’s always good to be able to adapt.

  4. effigytormented Says:

    Wait whoa, hold on there, I thought on the arma site that this was a “great sword”. So it would weight like four or five pounds. But I’m not sure , I kept trying to look for a leather covering on the ricasso but I never saw it. Might just be a longsword though, who knows.

  5. Kunstdesfechtens Says:

    Oh could be. It depends on what you mean by greatsword. Some use it for early “war swords” (i.e. “grete swerde”) which were rather light. Others use the term to define weapons that were between the longsword and zweihander in size.

  6. leesin666 Says:

    I must agree, this guy would cut most of your heads apart in the first 3 slashes

  7. maritimii Says:


  8. VikingWannaBe51887 Says:

    Death to all air!

  9. LambadLambadLambda Says:

    I wonder how someone with a smaller weapon, such as a rapier, could have stood toe to toe against that?

  10. Kunstdesfechtens Says:

    With a lot of guts. 😉 A rapier can deal with this opponent, basically thrusting in opposition to the cut. Rapiers are much more robust than depicted in the popular media.

  11. alilalita Says:

    jeez… ba ba barbaaarian haha i prefer delicate fencing… also i think my arm would fall off with such a heavy weapon lol

  12. 255Knights Says:

    I am in ARMA; the weapons are far from heavy! Unless you think 2 or 3 lbs is heavy?

    Also they do that sound (Huuh! Hungh! Huh! Hng!) is because is to relies energy; well you know like in most Martial Arts do

  13. 255Knights Says:

    Well we have some rapier was well. And a Longsword can keep up with a rapier with no problems…

  14. worldfest Says:

    5 to 6 pounds actually. great swords were a little heavy he’s wielding a flamberge right? landeshnek?

  15. squall600 Says:

    ok highlander, calm down lol

  16. 255Knights Says:

    No, it is a Long-Sword. That looks like a 52 inch Long-Sword on the video.

    Long-Swords are about 48 to 53 inches long. They are about 2.5 to 3.5 pounds.

    Bastard Swords & Hand & Halfs are about 43 to 48.5 inches long. And are about 2 to 3 pounds.

    Do you mean Lowlanders, Zweihanders, & Flamberges? They are about 60 to 75 inches long. And are about 3.5 to 6.5 pounds.

    Claymores are about 55 to 63 inches long & are about 3.5 to 4.5 pounds.

  17. worldfest Says:

    well then he must be a tad short…it’s a two handed sword, or broadsword if anything…i think longswords are more associated with one handed swords…

  18. 255Knights Says:

    Well longswords are two handed sword, or most are. You must be thinking of Arming swords?

    This must be a 52 in Long-sword. How I know? I am in ARMA… We manly use 52 in Long-swords…

    This guy you see is ahead of ARMA. He is John C.

  19. worldfest Says:

    Well pardon me, lol
    That would be john clemens your speaking of? because i’ve read his articles on great swords and swords in general and…well.

    Arma doesnt teach skill for the short sword? How about falchion? saber?

  20. vampirebloodwrath Says:

    I swing a claymore faster, and with no grunting. My claymore isn’t full size; it’s modified to be smaller so it can be wielded with one hand, but my celt sword weighs about 4 pounds, 30 some inches long, 1 and a half inch wide blade and still one handed. It took me a while to get used to that monstrous blade, but i’ts great and for those that don’t know, sowrds really buff up your forearms. From before I used swords to now, it’s about a two and a half inch difference. Time for my 5 pound axe.

  21. swordofthebreeze Says:

    He can go quite a bit faster, trust me. He’s moving slower for the video.

  22. swordofthebreeze Says:

    Short sword, Falchion, Side Sword, Rapier, Dagger, Messer, Ringen, and Polearms and more are also taught.

  23. Kunstdesfechtens Says:

    It’s time to get some properly weighted swords. A one handed sword shouldn’t weigh 4 lbs, unless it’s intentionally heavy for practice. Try 1.5-2.5 lbs. A “claymore” is just a longsword, and were only about 3.5 pounds historically. check out Albion swords for historically accurate weapons, and more information about swords.

  24. guerrierodelgiaguaro Says:

    Great performance! *****from Italy

  25. arhvash Says:

    Is there no breathing techniques for this cause he looks like he is about to swallow his toung…

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