Rocky Mount Renaissance Faire footage set to song by Albannach

Scenes shot at the King Henry Renaissance Faire in Rocky Mount, NC set to a song performed by Scottish tribal band Albannach. The footage and performance were shot May 8 and 9, 2010, by features writer Laura McFarland for the Rocky Mount Telegram. Read more about the fair at To find out about Albannach, go to

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3 Responses to “Rocky Mount Renaissance Faire footage set to song by Albannach”

  1. PurpleRogue38 Says:

    I enjoyed working at this ren faire. If you saw a pirate walking around dressed in black and carrying several pistols, that was me. This was a great time…all four days of it. Loved seeing Albannach there and meeting the musicians.

  2. AmyVANNH Says:

    Great video! It definitely represents all elements of the Faire – including some I see I missed. When I learned this was practically in my ‘backyard’ I knew my chance to attend my first Ren. Faire had finally arrived. To see my favorite band from Scotland, Albannach, too, was the icing on the cake! Fantastic!
    And, PurpleRogue38, I remember you – in fact, I have a couple of pictures of you, along with other’s I saw that weekend, on my Facebook page. This was fun!

  3. PurpleRogue38 Says:

    @AmyVANNH By all means, feel free to look me up on Facebook. I’m listed as Michael MoonRaven on there. I had a great time there. I wish I could do this every weekend. I feel more ‘at home’ being the pirate among all these fine people than in my daily ‘normal’ clothing. Can’t wait for the next big event. :)

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