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25 Responses to “Sewing Tutorial: Peasant Blouse”

  1. faye272008 Says:

    i have tried to make my patterns using this method but i allways end? up with excess under arms and tight on the bust my bust measurement is 10 inch bigger than waist please could you explain why this is happening and what i could do to help it stop happening again, please let me know thank you
    ps i think you tutoriials are fab keep up good work

  2. Evange Says:

    @faye272008 Sounds like you’re not sketching your arm hole curves deep enough. Try sketching them deeper.

    Also, add more ease to your bust measurement. I found the the 2″ I added to the center front line (increasing the garment by a? total of 8″), was enough ease to be comfortable, but not enough to make the shirt loose.

  3. Evange Says:

    @faye272008 The other thing you might want to consider is adding darts, which will help accommodate the? 3-d shape of your bust.

  4. GoodCharlotte81 Says:

    The? blouse is so cute with the pink ribbon (???)

  5. lucizlady Says:

    Well? Done Thank you

  6. TheAngiejolie Says:

    seriously.u look a little? bit like MEGAN FOXXX

  7. keerthanasundarkumar Says:

    thanks. its lovely. i will try making? one.

  8. MiauwingNeko Says:

    Kawaiiness: 100%!!?

  9. saoboua Says:

    i love your tutorials. Always? clear and easy to follow. Drafting my own patterns are still very difficult for me though. Btw where did you learn to sew and draft patterns ?

  10. lovesfirsttoken Says:

    Where did you get your drafting? board and paper??

  11. morbidprincess19 Says:

    Just a suggestion adding the sleeves before creating the casing and elastic then doing it? all at once is a bit simpler i think.

  12. Evange Says:

    @morbidprincess19 Yes and no. The problem in that case would be that sewing a casing to go around curves or joints is difficult, you’d have to use a bias strip or some sort of facing, and I wanted to keep this simple as possible.

    Your method makes for a better shirt, my method? makes for a better video :)

  13. morbidprincess19 Says:

    @Evange Ahh thats why you do it like that I make my peasant blouses and? dresses straight across on the top of the sleeve and bodice so it can be off the shoulder or not and its easier to do it all at once.

  14. Evange Says:

    @lovesfirsttoken Staples.?

  15. xXxMySweetChannelxXx Says:

    You’re? so cute *.*

  16. browngyal6 Says:

    this is so cool..would you be able to make? a tutorial on saree blouse?

  17. franstuff Says:

    just love this! You are totally demystifying patterns? for me! Thanks!

  18. PerfectPride Says:

    Love it, so cute!? 8D
    Such a nice fabric and I just really like the overall look of the top.

  19. LittleBulleteye Says:

    I’m not saying that you’re doing it? wrong, but I agree with morbidprincess19.

    Nevertheless, the result is really cute! When did you add the bows like at the beginning?

  20. prncsslmndrps Says:

    Hi Evange! Love the tutorials :) I’m going to attempt to make bloomers and this blouse. My question is, for the blouse pattern. When you draw it and transfer to the fabric are you folding the fabric and making 2 panels or are you making 4 panels?

  21. YoBootyStinks Says:

    they KILL ME with this “divide by 4” as IF? your body is the same exact from front to back. if you have boobs, you need more in the front. don’t know why they say to do that

  22. Indirectcell Says:

    how will this make me better at call of duty??

  23. jananisiv Says:

    waw… really amazing… like ur videos..?

  24. girlcookart Says:

    borrowed it? from a doll house?

  25. Toomanytates Says:

    I really like this video, it was very helpful.? :O)

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