Soulland Spring Summer 2012 No doubt that the young Soulland mens brand is such a success that girls “borrow” from it too. Silas Adler designs. Jacob Kampp Berliner runs the shop internationally. In 20ll, they came out on stamps, and now the Danish fashion darlings have Russians on the retina, with the artist Kassimir Malevich as a rolemodel, for circles and patterns on the Danish Soulland shirts. Silas conquered his large fan groups, who came to City Hall for a show with surprisingly solid processing in baseball jackets, duffel coats, sweatshirts and hot cable knit to crawl straight into. The garments were crowded with details to fall in love with. Leather rims, logo labels on everything and these magnificent sneakers full of action. Guys will not get rid of them once they have worn them. It’s not so long ago, I saw a pair with a tuxedo on one of the city’s red carpet paties! But: Dear Silas, where did your hats and caps, that you do so well, go? Especially the postman hat with the cheeky crown has formed fashion far beyond your expected clientele. I am still seeing it becoming a bit of an evergreen and delighting defunct hat kings such as Vagn and Svend Gravesen in heaven.

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