Spotted Deer costume demo

another costume made by me. photos and my commission info can be found here Note: I am not a furry, I have been building costumes since I was 9 years old. Furry fandom interests me because of the costumes, Anime interests me because of the Cosplay, Renaissance fairs interest me because of the attire. I am a costume enthusiast above all else. (Also there is too much about the furry fandom that I do not like, so I cannot call myself a part of it.) i wanted to take this to a local nature area to see if i could get a picture with real deer in the back ground BUT In all seriousness, one should never wear this in the woods during hunting season (hell hunters manage to shoot eachother all the time)

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25 Responses to “Spotted Deer costume demo”

  1. XxTentenHatakexX Says:

    @Yes I know maybe stupid question. But is it? a problem beeing 6’1 tall and making a Quadsuit ? I mean is it still look good on sb if he / she is so tall and leggs so long ?

  2. dippity2 Says:


  3. SharpieSabre Says:

    i LUUV teh hand hooves ??

  4. ralahinn1 Says:

    I’d be afraid to? get shot o _ 0

  5. InsanePickle007 Says:

    ur? ognna get shot bya hunter DX

  6. YarbroK Says:

    I? don’t think it is a problem. You or your commissioner will need to add extra padding to make the portions look right.

  7. HorseLuver4Ever733 Says:

    I think I’ve seen some? of your stuff on deviantArt..this is AWESOME! 😀

  8. wolvesrockILOVEWOLF Says:

    I bet one of you wolf costumes are going Yum! nom nom? nom right now

  9. talkingtree4 Says:

    plz make a how to!!!!!!? I want one sooooooo bad!!!

  10. 2000dinky Says:

    release? the hounds!lol
    great suit btw!

  11. Kyuubi1161 Says:

    how did you fix the antlers on the head? are they? real? :)

  12. LusaTheSeeker Says:

    When I finally get $1,000 I will order one of your costumes and like scares people with it. :D?

  13. LusaTheSeeker Says:

    Then buy hers.?

  14. talkingtree4 Says:

    its too expensive?

  15. LusaTheSeeker Says:

    I know D: Its? $1,000! T_T

  16. TwisterSidster Says:

    how did you make? the ears?

  17. clawsomegal582 Says:

    Hey this music is from legend of zelda the twilight princess it was the frist thing I noteced I love? you’re coustumes

  18. ItsLikeMagiic Says:

    The song… it’s from Zelda Twilight Princess, in? one of the early-ish stages, am I right? *points at comment below* I did so not see that before I started typing.

  19. FR3DKRU3G3R Says:

    I’ve looked all over the? internet for fursuits – Beastcubs are still the cheapest so far. :3 When I save up enough she’ll be the first one I’ll call.

  20. CursedK9 Says:

    bet? you could make an awesome deer quadsuit =]

  21. FurryCyberSpace Says:

    0:37 OH? SHIIIIIIII-

  22. sugardoll95 Says:

    Your website is? broken :O

  23. BlueTheWolf14 Says:

    the? tail when you ran XD

  24. sheaylynnt Says:

    I love the song! And? the fursuit

  25. gyaru1989 Says:

    I am? strangely fascinated by this o0

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