Sword Point Towers, Janesville Renaissance Faire May 20, 2012

This video is a few videos I took of the Sword Point Towers game at the Janesville Renaissance Faire. (yes, its “giant Jenga”). The wind, in true Janesville Ren Faire form, was epic and severe at times (hence the buffeting the mic on my camera was getting). At the end, when I asked Frobisher if I should get my other camera out- I was taking still shots with my brand new (as in, my kids gave it to me on Saturday, this video was shot on Sunday) Nikon D5100. It was my Mother’s Day gift and they waited till the faire to give it to me so I’d one- cry in public, and two- be among friends. (I also got quite a bit of swag with said camera, including a zoom lens and a macro lens). So, while taking still shots, I asked Frobisher if I should get out my other camera- meaning the Point-and-Shoot I usually use that does excellent videos. I was holding it with one hand to do the video and then, in the other hand, I picked up my Nikon. You can hear the camera beep as I snapped the shot. I have to upload it here for sharing purposes because Facebook isn’t letting me upload it.

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