The Carolina Renaissance Festival

Various clips I took while at my fist visit to the Carolina Renaissance Festival. I had a great time so I would love to show others a few of the great things I saw that day. Please comment and tell me what you think!

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15 Responses to “The Carolina Renaissance Festival”

  1. jacknphntmgrl Says:

    i like the? begger

  2. BagPipeBabe Says:

    The beggar’s name is Scratch. He is also at the fair I go to Scarborough Fair in TX.
    I love the harpist Sarah Mullen.?

  3. lilfisticuffs Says:

    I work as a royal guard at the festival?
    i forgot scratch’s real name but he is hilarious

    we wear red and black and carry halberds
    it is so fun there

  4. Vonnie20 Says:

    Who is the precious blonde fairy who walks around?
    She’s adorable.
    Anyway, I love Scratch then.
    Hilarious :)
    He slapped my ass once…naughty.
    I? can’t wait for this year! :)

  5. slokoon Says:

    That’s an impressive looking? faire.

  6. ktbines Says:

    Scratch rode on my? lap once. We love Scratch!!

  7. blainewho Says:

    I love the Carolina Ren Fest!
    I just bought my dress I’m gonna wear? this year =)
    But my class is taking a field trip there on oct.16! not to far away…

  8. Ladyhawke1017 Says:

    I think the fairy you mean is Twig…first time I saw her I just wanted to stick her in my pocket and take her? home. If ever fairies were real, they would all look just like her.

  9. notaclue911 Says:

    Scratch is also in Arizona for the Festival. =) And he has a habit of playing turkey leg baseball at? the end of the day with the half-eaten turkey legs he finds in trash cans.


  10. Bergal64 Says:

    I loved working there, I think I was there that year…..I worked at the Lost Boys Stage near the Joust.?

  11. nikf1234 Says:

    the dude with? the pans is annoying i always kick it back just to piss him off.

  12. kfrews Says:

    I try to go every? year I love it. Scratch is funny.

  13. JohnObiWan Says:

    Scratch’s real name is Gordy Boudreaux,? you can see more of his work in the video Ballad of A Traveler. He’s also working with a company, Ontend, that does corporate training and such. I’ve worked there the past three seasons and am looking forward to my fourth season this Fall. He’s definitely a great guy to work with.

  14. JohnObiWan Says:

    Oops, make? that Gordy Boudreau

  15. littlegypsy71 Says:

    We have our own Renaissance festivals here in the UK? but it seems everyone around the world is buying us out on all of our custom (and industry) seems were a dying race. I must congratulate you in keeping it alive it looks like a fun place to visit the music is great shame theres no real rotten teeth there though that’d be more authentic surely? lol.

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