The Elegance of Baroque (2008)

Quick overview of the different dances taught on Dancetime Publications’ DVD, “How to Dance Through Time vol. IV.” Available at

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14 Responses to “The Elegance of Baroque (2008)”

  1. DancetimePublication Says:

    Guillaume, Simon. Caracteres de la Danse? Allemande. Paris: [the author], 1769.

  2. athiria Says:

    really interesting! Thank you very? much!

  3. filolofosthess Says:

    i love contredance!!?

  4. LazlosPlane Says:

    It was my understanding that the “Allemande,” was known as the “German Handkerchief Dance,” as the? ladies held a handkerchief.

    Is there anything to that?

  5. DancetimePublication Says:

    IT was about? hand holding.

  6. PRETTYinLA Says:

    Would the assemble’ have never been done among the upper classes especially among royalty? Was this a dance? that the average citizen would know?

  7. DancetimePublication Says:

    This was done? by royalty. dancing was part of their basic training to be proper courtiers.

  8. acerb45666555 Says:

    3:23….excellent dancing. but its those shoes hes wearing! theyre girly shoes! …….i would have worn sensible cavalry boots! make the dancer an officer! give? him boots! :)

  9. otharennaur Says:

    I find fascinating how music relates to dance and the other arts on each age. Those dances keep all those contrasts and little details from the baroque art. It’s beautiful. I’m a musician myself, and everytime I see people dancing I know I chose the right carrer. Thanks for? the video.

  10. cazonetta Says:

    *cough* I believe the choice of shoes isn’t very historically accurate. No offense to the dancing company – an excellent one, btw – but? men did not wear Louis heels after, well, King Louis XIV (or more roughly, after 1710). In paintings and prints you see they wore very low heeled shoes from at least 1730 on. In 1790-1810, mens’ shoes looked more like slippers (i.e., almost nonexistent heels).

  11. Romeowasbleeding1 Says:

    The voice seems a little harsh for such subtle music and dance.

    Lovely production? non the less!

  12. hollaladyyyy Says:

    hahaha ich verrecke noch vor lachen tut? mir leid aber..
    ab 3:00 tanzen sie wie Affen

  13. JahanChannel Says:

    I’ve? learned a lot

  14. davidbeatsgoliath1 Says:

    Indeed it was refined elegance and sublime harmony possibly unlike ever seen in recorded history, but the men became too effeminate which is what made the atrocities of the French Revolution possible. Luis XVI was a good example of this; way too soft in face of the oncoming slaughter.? Boots for the men!

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