What's the name of this foreign movie?

I think it was a French movie (not very sure). It came out around 2000 – 2006.

Set in present time.There were these 3 kids (I think two boys and a girl) and they lived near a harbor. There was also this cult or a society and the members (adults dressed in Renaissance clothing with armors, swords and hamlets) had meetings at night. The kids thought they were bad and followed them around (they rode their bikes). They started investigating, the adults found out and tried to get them. Turned out that the adults were good guys (one of the kids’ father was in that group too). They were like the protectors of the ruins or something like that for generations. I think evil warriors tried to get what they were protecting and at the end the kids helped the adults to fight back the evil warriors.
The movie name was "Skat" or "Skit" or "Scat" but I couldn’t find anything!

Any ideas? Thanks :)

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One Response to “What's the name of this foreign movie?”

  1. jujubee Says:

    The lost treasure of the knights templar movie
    original name is Tempelriddernes skat and has kids in it

    there was a series of these movies too

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